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Customs Licensing – Migration to e-Filing

Did you know… SARS Customs e-Filing Migration has Begun? SARS Customs have begun the process to migrate existing clients to e-Filing.

New Customs clients can be registered by Customs Tax Practitioners directly on e-Filing. Practitioners can also re-register existing clients on e-Filing.

Migration to e-Filing

SARS Customs e-Filing migration can be described as a re-registration of an existing client on e-Filing.

The re-registration is similar to a new application. Therefore, all documents must be supplied as-if one is applying for a new license.

All documents submitted must be fresh, i.e. they must not be outdated.

Migration is taking place in a staggered approach:

License and Registration Types

Here is a list of the Major Customs Licensing and Registration types:

  1. Importer Exporter Code
  2. Bond Store Registration
  3. Rebate Manufacturing Store
  4. Clearing Agents License
  5. Deferment Accounts
  6. Remover of Goods in Bond
  7. Customs Road Consignor Bond
  8. Drawbacks of Duty Registration
  1. Company Name Change
  2. Foreign Registered Entities
  3. Trade Agreement Registrations
  4. Excise Rebate Manufacturing Stores
  5. Migration to e-Filing and Re-Registrations
  6. e-Filing Relationship Management, and
  7. RCG (Reporting and Conveyance of Goods).

Not all of these License and Registration types are on e-Filing.

Our Consultant and Managing Director, Graeme Lennie is a SARS Registered Customs Tax Practitioner.

We therefore have the unique ability to manage and submit SARS e-Filing registrations with approval from our clients.

Please Contact us for advice or a quotation.

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