Our Services

Customs Licensing

Importers, Exporters, and Customs Clearing Agents – we help Local and Foreign companies to apply for Customs License Codes. These include SARS Customs Import Codes, Export Codes, Agent Codes, and Certificates (SADC, EUR1, MERCOSUR). Importers and Exporters are Exempt from Licensing only when:

Management & Consulting

We help companies with Customs Tariff and Tariff Determinations, Customs Value Enquiries, Origin &Trade Agreements, and Rebates, Refunds & Drawbacks of Duty. We also help companies to manage their Industrial and General Rebate Stores. We service our clients on an Ad-Hoc or Retainer basis which includes:

Customs Training

We provide Import and Export Customs training to Industry. Learn how to navigate Customs procedures effectively, increase your knowledge and improve your Customs communication with clients and operations? Our proven one day training is the best and most productive way to get your mind around real Customs issues.

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