We provide expert opinion on import or export product tariff classification matters. We also conduct tariff appeals against adverse decisions made by SARS Customs. These may include TDN (Tariff Determinations) and formal appeals procedures at regional or national level.


We provide expert opinion on import or export Customs valuation matters. These include commercial invoice values, dutiable and non-dutiable charges, and profit sharing agreements between related suppliers. We also conduct VDN (Value Determinations) and appeals procedures.

Rules of Origin

We provide expert opinion on import or export matters pertaining to Country of Origin. Origin involves general Customs rules, and rules for Trade Agreements (i.e. SACU, SADC, EURO, and EFTA). We also conduct Origin Determinations and origin appeals procedures.

Penalty Appeals

We assist clients to minimise risk and save costs by responding to penalties issued by SARS Customs. These may involve initial Letters of Intent issued via correspondence or EDI, as well as Letters of Demand. We assist with appeals procedures at regional and national levels.

Training Services

We provide training in two forms namely Customs Workshops and one or two day Training Interventions. Workshops are presented at industry forums, i.e. Chambers of Commerce and other industry groups. Our short training interventions are Informative, Insightful and Authentic.

Compliance Reviews

Compliance Reviews involve analysing Customs documentation and procedures related thereto in order to identify compliance risk. It may involve imports, exports, and bonded warehouses, removal of goods in bond, industrial or general rebate stores and similar activities.

Customs Formalities

We provide expert advice on a vast array of Customs formalities. These include for example applications to register with SARS Customs for numerous client types, lodging security, refunds and drawbacks, schedules issued, correction notices, substitution procedures, and samples supplied free of charge.