Clearing Agent Retainer Services

We assist operational staff at Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents with day to day technical Customs queries.

Our monthly Retainer Service Agreements are aimed at assisting our clients by being available at relatively short notice to answer any technical or complex Customs related queries.

We will provide your staff with technical explanations, referencing source documents. Your staff will be in a position to make decisions with confidence, with our technical explanations relayed to clients professionally.

This is a “well oiled” service offering. We have saved our clients millions in penalties, shipment delays and other Customs related risk.

Examples of Day to Day Queries

It is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of all the types of queries received.

Here are a few examples:

Customs Tariff, Tariff Determinations, Literature, Valuations, Commercial Invoicing, Calculations of Customs Values and Duties & VAT, Discounts, Goods Supplied Free of Charge, Rules of Origin, Trade Agreements, Origin Certificates (SADC, EURO, EFTA, MERCOSUR, AfCFTA), Rebates, Refunds, Drawbacks, Anti-Dumping, Substitutions, Dual Clearances, General Clearing Procedures, Cross Border Procedures including SACU, Penalty Procedures, Penalty Applicability, General Appeals Procedures, Transit Produces, Bond Procedures and Bonded Carriers, Temporary Imports, Re-Export and Returns, Personnel & Household Effects, Code 70707070, and Registration and Licensing.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed prior to the start of any Service Agreement. The Customs Hub are happy to comply with any vendor onboarding procedures required, including undergoing vetting and signing contractual arrangements.

We are a fully registered (Pty) Ltd with a taxpayer number. We are VAT registered. We have a large Professional Indemnity cover giving you peace of mind.

Customs Knowledge and Experience

Please navigate to our About page for more information about The Customs Hub.

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