Customs Consulting

We offer expert advice on all Customs matters including the Customs Tariff, Valuations, Origin of Goods and Trade Agreements, and Rebates, Refunds & Drawbacks of Duty. We assist clients with the interpretation of the Customs & Excise Act and the Rules thereto.

Customs Tariff

We provide expert advice on import or export product tariff classification matters. We conduct tariff appeals against adverse decisions made by SARS Customs. These may include TDN (Tariff Determinations) and formal appeals procedures at regional or national levels.

Customs Valuations

We provide expert advice on import or export Customs valuation matters. These include commercial invoice values, dutiable and non-dutiable charges, and profit sharing agreements between related suppliers. We also conduct VDN (Value Determinations) and appeals procedures.

Origin and Trade Agreements

We provide expert advice on import or export matters pertaining to Country of Origin. Origin involves general Customs Rules, and Rules for Trade Agreements (i.e. SACU, SADC, EURO, and EFTA). We also conduct Origin Determinations and origin appeals procedures.

Refunds, Rebates and Drawbacks of Duty

We assist clients to identify Customs Rebate, Refund and Drawback opportunities. Whether you are a Forwarding & Clearing Agent or an Importer or Exporter, we will analyse your import goods, manufacturing and re-export procedures with a view to optimise Customs duty structures.

Penalty Appeal Procedures

We assist clients to minimise risk and save costs by responding to penalties issued by SARS Customs. These may involve initial Letters of Intent issued via correspondence or EDI, as well as Letters of Demand. We assist with appeals procedures at regional and national levels.

Customs Compliance & Optimisation

Compliance Reviews involve analysing Customs procedures and documentation related thereto in order to identify compliance risk and to reduce costs. Optimisation Studies involve analysing the Customs supply chain in order to ensure that any or all Customs benefits are identified and implemented.

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