Licensing and Registrations

We help Importers, Exporters, Customs Clearing Agents and Transporters to apply for Customs License Codes.

With our vast experience in this field we have the means to facilitate this frustrating process.

Anyone importing or exporting for commercial gain is required by law to license with SARS Customs. In other words, any company importing or exporting, or any private person importing or exporting goods for commercial gain requires a license code from SARS Customs.

Avoid penalties and delays by contacting us for the following services.

License & Registration Types

We provide the following services:

  • Import / Export License Code (Local or Foreign)
  • Clearing Agent Registration
  • Nominated Agent (Foreign Companies)
  • Remover of Goods in Bond
  • Road Haulier License
  • Carrier Code Registration
  • Consignor Bond Registration
  • Drawback Registration
  • Rebate Store Registration (Industrial or General)
  • Customs Storage Warehouse (Bond Store)
  • SARS Request for Registration Confirmation

Qualification for Rebate or Drawback Applications

Clients regularly approach us to determine whether they qualify for a particular rebate or drawback facility.

If you do not know what your company may qualify for, we will conduct an initial investigation. Factors such as your company, your industry or sector, your import or manufacturing article/s, what you do with the manufactured articles, and the respective tariff headings will influence the type of rebate or drawback item, and qualification criteria.

Based on our findings we will make recommendations starting with the “low hanging fruit”, i.e. least cost and effort for the most gain. We will discuss the different options with you and decide on an option that best suites your needs and circumstances.

Thereafter, the registration process may begin.

Tariff Reduction (or Increase) Applications

This type of application may take one of the following two forms:

  1. Application to Reduce Duty on a Customs Tariff Heading
  2. Application to Increase Duty on a Customs Tariff Heading
  3. Application to create a New Rebate or Drawback Item in the Tariff Book

Please navigate to our Tariff Reduction Applications for more information.

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