Customs Training

We provide Import and Export Customs training to Industry. Learn how to navigate Customs procedures effectively, increase your knowledge and improve your Customs communication with clients and operations? Our proven one day training is the best and most productive way to get your mind around real Customs issues.

The A-Z in Customs Procedures – Imports

This 1 x day training is aimed at providing you with an in-depth account of real day to day Customs issues. Topics include:

  1. Registration & Licensing (Client Types & Procedures)
  2. Customs Documentation (How to Navigate)
  3. Tariff Classifications (Rules & How to Classify)
  4. Valuations (Invoice Requirements, Costs, Charges & Expenses)
  5. Rules of Origin & Trade Agreements (Rules & Benefits)
  6. Rebates & Drawbacks of Duty, & Bond Stores (Opportunities)
  7. Prohibited & Restricted Goods (How to Navigate)
  8. Consignments Stopped by Customs (Overcome Issues)
  9. Penalties and Appeals (Knowing Your Rights)
  10. Customs Timeframes (Key Metrics)

Other Customs Training

We offer bespoke Customs Training on Request by Corporates for example:

  • The A-Z in Customs Procedures – Exports (1 x Day)
  • Requirements for Commercial Invoice and Clearing Instructions (1.5 x hours)
  • Bond and Rebate Store Management (1/2 day)

Mode of Delivery

Training is offered online via Zoom Meetings with a maximum of 10 x Students per training day.

We use Zoom Meetings (not Webinar) so that we may interact with Students in a live Q&A manner for the full duration of the course work.

We also offer in-house training and company package rates.

Your Trainer / Presenter

The training is conducted personally by Mr. Graeme Lennie who has the following work experience:

  • 12 x Years work experience at SARS Customs
  • 10 x Years work experience at an International Freight Forwarder and Customs Clearing Agency
  • 3 x Years Director for SAAFF (South African Association of Freight Forwarders)
  • Founder Director of The Customs Hub (Pty) Ltd

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