Customs Training

Our “A-Z in Customs Procedures” course provides you with great insights into Customs terms, concepts, procedures, and risk avoidance strategies.

This one day training event is the best and most productive way to get your mind around real Customs issues. Many Importers, Exporters and Customs Clearing Agents have found great benefit in our one day training.

The A-Z in Customs Procedures – Imports

This 1 x day training is aimed at providing you with an in-depth account of real day to day Customs issues. Topics include:

  1. Registration & Licensing (Client Types & Procedures)
  2. Customs Documentation (How to Navigate)
  3. Tariff Classifications (Rules & How to Classify)
  4. Valuations (Invoice Requirements, Costs, Charges & Expenses)
  5. Rules of Origin & Trade Agreements (Rules & Benefits)
  6. Rebates & Drawbacks of Duty, & Bond Stores (Opportunities)
  7. Prohibited & Restricted Goods (How to Navigate)
  8. Consignments Stopped by Customs (Overcome Issues)
  9. Penalties and Appeals (Knowing Your Rights)
  10. Customs Timeframes (Key Metrics)

Cost of Training

Per Person 1,250.00 (excl. VAT)

Personnel who Benefit from our Training

  • Business Owners (Importers, Exporters and Clearing Agents)
  • Operations Staff (Importers, Exporters and Clearing Agents)
  • Sales, Marketing and Front Line Personnel (Clearing Agents)
  • Branch Managers and their Second in Charge (Clearing Agents)
  • Entry Clerks, Forwarding Controllers (Clearing Agents)
  • Logistics Managers and Logistics Executives (Importers, Exporters)
  • Administration Staff Dealing in Customs Matters

Mode of Delivery

Training is offered online via Microsoft Teams Meetings with a maximum of 10 – 12 x Students per training day.

We use the “Meetings” format (i.e. not Webinar) so that we may interact with Students in a live Q&A manner for the full duration of the course. A full set of training material is mailed to participants 1 x week prior to training. A certificate of attendance is issued for attending the training.

Bespoke Customs Training

Bespoke Customs training is offered to clients on a needs basis. Examples include Export Training, Rebate Store and Bond Store Training, Legal Requirements for the Commercial Invoice & Clearing Instructions, and Customs Automotive Training.

Bespoke Training is generally offered to groups for a company. Examples include: clients of a Clearing Agent on behalf of the Clearing Agent; or Client Training as part of a physical Rebate or Bond Store Audit; or industry related aspects such as Customs Automotive Training.

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