Duty Refunds & Drawbacks

If your company re-exports imported goods, utilises imported goods to manufacture other goods for exportation, destroys or discards imported goods, and if duties were paid upon initial importation thereof, then you may qualify for a Refund or Drawback of Customs Duties.

Categories of Duty Refunds & Drawbacks

We assist clients to claim duty which was paid on goods originally imported, in the following categories:

  1. Specific Drawbacks (Products which are specifically catered for)
  2. General Drawbacks (Any goods used in the manufacture of other goods for export)
  3. Return to Supplier (Re-exported to supplier in same condition, i.e. faulty goods)
  4. Re-Export for Trade Purposes (No market in South Africa, sold abroad or to Africa)
  5. Abandonment (to Customs) or Destruction (Under Customs Supervision)
  6. Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories
  7. Motor Vehicles
  8. Environmental Levy (Plastic bags, lamps, motor vehicle CO2, tyres)
  9. Health Promotional Levy (Sugary beverages)

These include goods exported to the BLNS (Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland).

Let a Customs expert conduct further research into the possibility of a Duty Refund or Drawback for your goods. Do not miss out on this opportunity – call us.

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