Rebate and Bond Stores

We are adept in Applications, Physical Store Requirements, Procedures and Implementation, as well as in Audits and Store Management.

Please visit our Licensing and Registrations page for information about Applications.

Rebate Stores versus Bond Stores

  1. A Rebate Store is a facility designed to “permanently rebate” the full or partial import duties by an import manufacturing company. The physical store is owned and situated on the import manufacturers premises under lock and key. Goods are dispatched into Production from the Rebate Store.
  2. A Bond Store is a facility designed to “temporarily defer” the import duties and VAT until such time as the goods are required for local consumption. The physical store may be owned and situated on the importers premises, or on any third party premises.

Requirements, Procedures and Implementation

Tight physical and documentary control is required to manage the store and the movement of goods. We take a hands on approach to aiding our clients with all Physical Store Requirements, Procedures and Implementation of the facility.

Rebate and Bond Store Audits

These are normally short term projects designed with one of two objectives in mind:

  1. A Short Audit to establish whether there are any inconsistences which need to be addressed. This may occasionally lead to a more in-depth audit.
  2. An In-Depth Audit is to establish what control measures are required to improve the overall management of the store. This may occasionally lead to The Customs Hub implementing the recommendations.

Rebate and Bond Store Management

We offer a monthly Retainer Service in order to manage the documentary control and data registers of our clients Rebate and Bond Stores. We ensure that the documentary record keeping is always in tact and audit ready for SARS Customs, thereby allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

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