The Customs Hub

The Customs Hub was started by Customs expert Graeme Lennie (MBA, NMU) in mid-2018.

The companies service offering came about as a result of regular Customs enquiries received from Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents, Importer and Exporters. Today, The Customs Hub provides professional Customs Consulting and Training services to clients in all major cities in South Africa.

The Customs Hub is also a WiseTech Global Service Partner. Training Specialist Christine Mannsberger (CargoWise Certified Professional) joined The Customs Hub in August 2019. Christine provides system Consulting and Training services to CargoWise One clients in all major cities in South Africa.

How We Engage with Our Clients:

  • Customs Ad-Hoc Enquiries
  • Customs Retainer Agreements
  • CargoWise One Consulting & Training
  • Customs Training Services

Customs Ad-Hoc Enquiries

Ad-Hoc Enquiries are received from clients who occasionally require the services of a Customs expert. Customs consultancy ad-hoc services help clients to address specific compliance risks and to save costs. These involve expert opinion, appeals procedures or in-house project work.

Customs Retainer Agreements

Monthly Retainer Agreements are ideal for clients who regularly require the services of a Customs expert. Our Customs consultancy retainer agreements help clients to reduce ongoing compliance risk and to save costs. Staff make Customs enquiries on an ongoing basis.

CargoWise One Consulting & Training

Content in progress.

Customs Training Services

We provide in-house specialist training based on client requirements. This often includes training client’s of the client for example, clients of Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents.

Review “OUR SERVICES” page for popular training in:

  1. Clearing Instructions & the Commercial Invoice
  2. Customs Import and Export Training
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