Rebates, Drawbacks & Bond Stores

Customs Rebates, Drawbacks & Bond Stores are financial dispensations aimed at assisting importers and exporters of goods. Why not find out if you qualify?

We help our clients to identify which one, or combination of these are applicable, or most appropriate. Depending on your needs, we assist with the application process, store set-up, audits and management of approved facilities.

Our Services Include

  • Licensing and Registrations
  • Physical Store Requirements
  • Import Documentation Procedures
  • Implementation of New Facilities
  • Physical and Documentary Audits, and
  • Process Value Stream Mapping.

Also visit our Licensing and Registrations page for more information.

We also Perform Rebate and Bond Store Audits:
  1. A Short Audit is to establish whether there are any inconsistences which need to be addressed, or
  2. An In-Depth Audit is to establish what control measures are required to improve the overall management of the store, and implementation thereof.

Rebate Stores

A Rebate Store is a facility designed to “permanently rebate” the full or partial import duties by an import manufacturing company.

The physical store is owned and situated on the import manufacturers premises under lock and key. Goods are dispatched into Production from the Rebate Store.

Goods may also be transferred between rebate stores.

Bond Stores

A Bond Store is a facility designed to “temporarily defer” the import duties and VAT until such time as the goods are required for local consumption, or re-exportation.

The physical store may be owned and situated on the importers premises, or on any third party premises.

Goods may also be transferred to rebate stores, or other bond stores.

Drawbacks of Duty

A Drawback of duty can be compared to a Refund of duty. Drawbacks may be claimed “after” importation, manufacture and re-exportation of goods within a specified period of time.

There are certain approvals and pre-qualification criteria which must be adhered to in order to qualify.

Please call us for an assessment of your import goods to establish if you qualify for Customs Rebates or Drawbacks of Duties.

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