RLA (Licensing, Registration & Accreditation)

Customs Licensing and Registrations include:
  • New Customs License Applications
  • e-Filing Migration and Re-Registrations
  • Renewal of Customs License Codes.

We help Importers, Exporters, Customs Clearing Agents and Transporters to apply for Customs RLA (Licensing, Registrations and Accreditations).

Because of our vast experience and qualifications in this field, we have the means to facilitate this frustrating process.

License and Registration Types

We provide the following Customs RLA (Licensing, Registrations and Accreditations):

  1. Importer Exporter Code
  2. Bond Store Registration
  3. Rebate Manufacturing Store
  4. Clearing Agents License
  5. Deferment Accounts
  6. Dual EDI Registration
  7. Remover of Goods in Bond
  8. Road Consignor Bond
  1. Drawback Registrations
  2. Name Changes & Updates, Bond Changes
  3. Foreign Registered Entities
  4. Trade Agreement Registrations
  5. Excise Rebate Manufacturing Stores
  6. Migration to e-Filing and Re-Registrations
  7. e-Filing Relationship Management, and
  8. RCG (Reporting and Conveyance of Goods).

In addition, we assist clients with bond calculations. Likewise, we assist with data downloads from SARS, and other supporting functions.

SARS e-Filing Migration has Begun

SARS Customs have begun the process to migrate (i.e. re-register) existing clients to e-Filing.

Migration is taking place in a Staggered Approach:
  • Firstly, Clearing Agents are being requested to migrate
  • Secondly, Clearing Agents must “link” to their clients. Off-course, client acceptance on e-Filing is required
  • Thirdly, Importers, Exporters and Other Client Types will be requested to migrate to e-Filing.

Our Consultant and Managing Director, Graeme Lennie is a SARS Registered Customs Tax Practitioner.

We therefore have the unique ability to manage and submit SARS e-Filing registrations with approval from our clients.

Please visit Our Compliance page for more information. You can also visit the SARS website for more information.

Let us Discuss Your License Requirements you

Getting it right the first time is important. Therefore, we would like to discuss your Customs license requirements directly with you.

What you apply for matters. For instance, the type of license impacts on:
  • Qualification Criteria
  • Set-up Requirements
  • Bond Amounts, and
  • Long Term Provisions.

Please visit our Contact page to call or e-mail us. In other words, we are waiting for you.

On our client calls, we often hear… “We wish we had met you guys a year ago.” So, don’t miss out.

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