Origin and Trade Agreements

We help companies who Import into South Africa to understand Trade Agreements (i.e. preferential rates of duty). Likewise, we help Export companies with the qualification criteria, and applications thereof.

International Trade Agreements are reciprocal in nature. In other words, the benefits flow in both directions.

Importers in South Africa may benefit from the reduction in Customs duties upon importation into South Africa.

Exporters from South Africa stand to increase their competitiveness in foreign markets. This applies through importation (into foreign markets) of goods at lower rates of Customs duties on account of the Trade Agreement.

Rules of Origin Services

We perform the following services:
  1. Product Qualification Criteria
  2. Origin Determinations (Rulings)
  3. Licensing for Trade Agreement.
Trade Agreements Applicable in South Africa:

SADCSouth Africa and the SADC (Southern African Development Community)
SADC-EPASouth Africa and the EU (European Community)
SACU-EFTASouth Africa and the EFTA (European Free Trade Area)
SACU-MERCOSURSouth Africa and the Common Market for the South
AfCFTA South Africa and the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area)
SACUM-UK EPASouth Africa and the UK (United Kingdom)
GSPGeneral System of Preferences with certain countries (non-reciprocal, for exporters)
AGOAAfrican Growth and Opportunity Act (non-reciprocal, for exporters)
Trade Agreements Applicable to South Africa

Origin Determinations

The benefit of a formal Ruling or Origin Determination made by SARS Customs is that the Ruling is “cast in stone”.

In other words, your shipments should no longer be stopped or subject to scrutiny by Customs. This often results into additional costs and delays, particularly at border crossings.

Through an Origin Determination you can avoid penalties and a possible “de-registration” of your origin status.

Consequently, it will allow you to supply foreign markets at a stable and competitive trade rate making your supply chain more predictive.

Applications for Origin Determinations can be initiated by the exporter. Alternatively, it may be initiated by Customs, often at short notice.

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