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SARS Registered – Customs Tax Practitioner

Our Consultant and Managing Director, Graeme Lennie is a SARS Registered Customs Tax Practitioner.

We therefore have the unique ability to manage and submit SARS e-Filing registrations with approval from our clients.

Being a Registered Tax Practitioner is important for a number of reasons:
  • Firstly, it ensures that our clients have access to qualified staff
  • Secondly, we are accredited and hence monitored by an industry body (SAIT)
  • Thirdly, we keep up to date with industry requirements through the annual CPD study requirements
  • Fourthly, we are able to manage the SARS e-Filing portal with approval from our clients.

Furthermore, registration is a legal requirement in terms of section 240 of the Tax Administration Act; which includes Customs.

Therefore, we are legally authorised to provide Customs advice. We can complete forms and submit applications to SARS on behalf of our clients.

Visit the SARS website for more information: SARS

SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Professionals)

Our Consultant, Graeme Lennie is registered with the SAIT. SAIT are the controlling body for Tax Professionals.

Graeme holds the level of Master Customs Practitioner (SA) (SAQA NQF Level 8).

SAIT maintain industry training standards. Therefore, they are responsible for maintaining members CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programs.

Visit the SAIT website for more information: SAIT

SAAFF (South African Association of Freight Forwarders)

The Customs Hub is a member of SAAFF.

SAAFF is the voice for industry. They are also a professional lobby group looking after the interests of industry.

SAAFF liaises closely with many government departments and parastatal institutions. Examples include: Customs, Port Health, Trade Permits, Border Controls, Export Controls, Cargo Handling and Security, Plant Quality Control, and the Road Freight Legislation.

Visit the SAAFF website for more information: SAAFF

B-BBEE Status

The Customs Hub is a Level 4 (100% B-BBEE procurement recognition level).

Also visit our About page for more information.

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