Working from Home: How my Clients Benefit

I left my full-time employment two years ago and started my own Customs Consulting practice. My company, The Customs Hub, provides clients with expert advice on import and export Customs solutions. Leaving behind the corporate world means that I get to work happily from home, benefitting both me and my clients greatly.

Watch The Customs Hub on BDTV

Leaving the corporate world to start your own business is brave, to say the least. Its hard to find a niche, find your feet and make a decision to specialize“. These are the words of Alon Raiz of Raizecorp on Business Day TV – The Big Small Business Show. This interview of Graeme Lennie by Alon Raiz and Kumaran Padayachee is very inciteful. Watch on YouTube…

Customs Transit Procedures

          The difference between National Transit and International Transit is knowing the difference between RIB (Removal In Bond) and RIT (Removal In Transit). The RIB and RIT codes form part of the old terminology still used extensively today; now replaced by Procedure Category Code B discussed in former blog posts.

Customs Tax Status of Goods

            The Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) and the Tax Status of goods are inextricably linked. The CPC codes indicate what the Tax Status of goods are.

“export taxes from South Africa may become levied for the first time…”

The following definitions are important in understanding the concept of Tax Status in the new Customs Control Act: