Working from Home: How my Clients Benefit

I left my full-time employment two years ago and started my own Customs Consulting practice. My company, The Customs Hub, provides clients with expert advice on import and export Customs solutions. Leaving behind the corporate world means that I get to work happily from home, benefitting both me and my clients greatly.

While it has not always been easy, the experience of working from home has provided me with so many rewards. My clients feel the benefits particularly since I am able to provide them with the attention they deserve.

Although there are numerous distractions at home such as family disruptions, neighbors who always know where to find me, and the domestic servant who has a problem getting the lawnmower to work, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Having the ability to give my clients the personal attention they deserve is a huge benefit. This allows me the freedom to respond quickly to any problem that they may have.

Distractions I experienced at the corporate office (back on the day) were relentless and absolute. Attending countless meetings which added no real value can be disabling, or receiving 100 emails per day requiring urgent responses even from colleagues stationed a few meters away from me, and attending that training session because it ticks the HR box added no real benefit to my clients.

While the experience of working from home may be different from person to person, the best advice I can offer anyone considering it, is to find a spot in the house that is completely secluded. Having an external or outer office space in order to separate yourself from activities in the household would be even better.

Having the ability to work from home in order to pay real attention to my clients is what really matters.

The profile picture in this blog is of my baby boy Hunter visiting me in my new outer office; one of the perks of working from home!

Give my boy a thumbs up or call us for help with Customs issues. I’m the expert in both subjects now!

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