Do you have anxieties about import or export issues given the current circumstances of COVID-19?

Have you identified opportunities because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you looking for support on how to navigate Customs issues for your import or export business?

We have provided 7 x questions for consideration, including information about our Online Support Group.

5 x Questions Covering Possible “Anxieties”

  1. Have you considered how you or your company will deal with the Customs implications of COVID-19, now and in the near future?
  2. What will you do with your obsolete stock, over supply, return goods, or goods to be destroyed given the import duties you have already paid?
  3. How can you reduce your Customs duty and VAT liabilities under the current circumstances?
  4. What about Customs duty and VAT Refunds and Rebates? Are there opportunities to reduce duties and VAT?
  5. What are your other Customs liabilities for the foreseeable future, and how do you navigate these?

2 x More Questions Covering “Opportunities”

  1. Are you exploring new opportunities as a consequence of the current state which the world finds itself in?
  2. “How” can you navigate new opportunities or a new career in imports and exports at this time?

Have a chat with us by leaving a “Comment” or “Leave a Reply” and we will respond to you with our thoughts.

Free Daily “Support” Group Hosted in Zoom

We have launched a Covid-19 Importer & Exporter Support Group. All participants involved in importing or exporting are welcome to join for free.

Here are some key elements of the Support Group:

  • It is hosted by Customs expert Graeme Lennie of The Customs Hub
  • Daily 30 x minute Zoom Meetings to discuss import / export issues
  • We address questions or concerns raised by participants
  • It is a collaborative group with inputs and advice also provided from participants
  • We follow a daily theme, currently around COVID-19 issues
  • The Customs Hub provides key inputs to ensure participant understanding

Please remember to leave a “Comment” or “Leave a Reply” below if you want us to respond with our thoughts around your anxieties or opportunities identified.

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