Customs: Lack of Information or No Invoice

Occasionally things go wrong. An invoice was issued by the supplier but the invoice is illegible. The supplier is not available to explain or has closed down.

How do you figure out what is in the consignment? What do you Customs clear?

Customs Invoice Language and Translations

All commercial invoices and supporting documents must be in one of the official languages of South Africa. SARS will only accept English as the official language for business purposes. This is also confirmed in the Rules to the Customs Control Act when referring to translations, i.e. Rule 41.29 (1).

Customs: Minimum Requirements on a Commercial Invoice

Quite simply, one may not clear goods moving in to or out of South Africa through Customs without the existence of a commercial invoice.

The new Customs legislation states that the contents of an invoice must be a “true reflection” of the goods being imported or exported.

Customs: Introduction to the Commercial Invoice

I like the commercial invoice. It is the one document which touches on nearly every party involved in the international trade process in one way or another. It also provides allot of information without being overly technical.

Knowing your Rights: The Appeals Process

Now that we have discussed searches, the Customs demand and the pre-appeals process, we can go through the formal appeals process.

You have received the Letter of Demand and you have decided to go with the internal appeals process with SARS Customs. Also, you have paid up all the amounts demanded which will include the outstanding duties, taxes, penalties and interest.