Customs Licensing – Remover of Goods in Bond

Did you know… a ROG (Remover of Goods in Bond) licence entitles a road transporter of goods to move Customs Bonded goods?

Bonded goods are goods where the Customs duties and VAT are still liable to SARS Customs, i.e. not yet paid. It means that the duty and VAT is temporarily suspended.

Therefore, bonded goods may only be moved by carriers licensed at SARS Customs.

Examples of Bonded Removals:

  1. Moving bonded goods from a Port of entry to a Port of exit or cross border
  2. From the Port to a Bonded Warehouse, or from a Bonded Warehouse to a Port
  3. From a Port or Bonded Warehouse across border into the BELN (Botswana, Eswatini / Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia).

Each bonded truck must be licensed as a “Means of Transport“.

Most Bonded Carriers neglect to register their trucks as a Means of Transport. Therefore, one’s Customs risk increases significantly when things go wrong.

A licensed Remover of Goods in Bond can decide whether to have their own surety bond. Alternatively, they can use a third party Consignor Bond.

The Customs Hub specialises in Licensing:

  1. Removers of Goods in Bond
  2. Cross Border Road Hauliers, and
  3. Consignor Bonds.

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